The Kingdom of God for who can embrace it

The Kingdom of God for who can embrace it

       The best way to embrace the Kingdom of God is by doing anything positive that will make the present of God with u at all times, below her the list things u can be doing.

  1.  Let it be part of u to alway's give God praise and worship songs, no matter the situation u are passing through.
  2. Find a way to live an holy life through the word of God that will reflect perfect love in you to God your creator and your neighbor.
  3. Pray without seasons
  4. Do not condem fellowship of people before the living God
  5. Abide by the word of God by doing all things in your life by His Word, meditate His word at all times.

         Above all, allow His words to rules your life. Here, you will receive Holy Spirit and He will let you know a lot of things u need to know to have perfect Peace in this world and prepared you perfectly for God to make u His dwelling place in this world and that is how you get the Kingdom of God your possession in this world and the world to come if you are able to maintain that grace till the end of your life span on earth.

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